Banshee Steven Severin in San Francisco!

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Steven Severin’s “Music for Silents” USA tour dates/January 2010


Olympia, WA/ January 8/Capitol Theater

San Francisco, CA/January 12/Mezzanine

Los Angeles, CA/January 13/ Silent Movie Theater

Los Angeles, CA/January 14/ Silent Movie Theater

Brooklyn, NY/January 16/Galapagos Artspace

Brooklyn, NY/January 17/Galapagos Artspace


Mezzanine, 444 Jessie Street @ Mint, San Francisco, California 94103, 415.625.8880 


Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 – The Seashell and the Clergyman


Siouxsie and the Banshees co-founder, bassist, and songwriter Steven Severin makes his Bay Area debut for ‘Music for Silents’ in SF, where he’ll do live scoring to a screening of the 1928 surrealist classic “The Seashell & the Clergyman”, plus a programme of scores to short films by emerging avant-garde filmmakers. A rare appearance and event that is not to be missed!

SlowdiveMusic blog review excerpts of NYC performance/October 2009:

“Iconoclastic artist, iconoclastic film—the night was set to be unforgettable. He took his seat by his equipment, and the film, “The Seashell and the Clergyman”, began to roll as he generated the soundscape. But Severin’s music to the film was not mere cut-the-idea-on-the-screen-and-paste-it-to-music, but rather an expansion, an elaboration of the moods and emotions on the screen. Instead of the music working to enhance the visual, or the visual as a means of passive experience while listening to music, they both worked hand-in-hand to create an experience that was at both visual and audio, an experience that was both intellectual (as you pondered the elusive narrative on the screen) and visceral (as you tried to understand your own reaction to the sensory overload). This was an amazing experience. Severin has always had the power to influence his peers. And as history is starting to show, he can even influence future generations into a new mindset about how to approach music.”

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