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The System Presents The Old Guard

Posted: 17th June 2010 by draykh in Uncategorized

Free before 11pm! $6 cover after 11pm 18 and up! THE SYSTEM PRESENTS THE OLD GUARD Club Classics from the early days of Gothic and Industrial Music! We play requests so don’t be shy! DJ 10.29 (The System-Houston) DJ Necromos (Apparition) DJ Shatter (BaGG, Die Maschinen) Guest Spot by DJ Unit 77 We are happy [...]

JULY 7th PROJECT PITCHFORK + AYRIA LIVE AT: San Francisco CA – DNA Lounge – 375 11th Street (All Ages) Ever wondered what the difference between the electronic scene in Europe is like compared to America? Well, Project Pitchfork is one of the grandfathers of the scene and has been putting out chart topping hit [...]

Wumpskate SF Bay and Dark Fellows invite you to FREDDY VS JASON SKATE — Tuesday June 8th Who’s the best? Who can beat whom? How does a plodding guy with a machete to grind and a hockey mask rate against a knife-glove wielding pedo who is literally your own worst nightmare? In one week, we [...]