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We hope you find this website helpful. If you have any questions left unanswered here, please feel free to contact us via the Contact page on this site. Things of note:

~ If you write us an email on the Contact page and you do not hear back from us, there may be a bug! We will always respond to your email if we receive one. If you don’t hear back, please CONTACT US AGAIN! Something is wrong.

~ Do you have an idea of how to improve the site? Great! Email us. We don’t bite.

~ Do you want to see pages with up-to-date descriptions of Clubs, Bands/groups, DJ profiles, Venues, etc? GREAT! Make one. We’ll link you. We don’t have time to do that. That’s a request. We’d love to include this information, but we don’t have time to keep lists like that (which change all the time & have additions/subtractions/etc) up to date. Sorry. We’ve been looking, but so far haven’t found anyone else willing to do that work either.

~ Our RSS feed will link you to any changes on our blog, but not to the Google Calendar updates.

~ If you wish to sync your google calendar with bagoth, please send us the following line, via the Contact Page: “Please add me as a user to the Google Calendar, my address is _____@gmail.com”

~ If you have an idea to improve the site, write us & we may use it!

~ If you have/know of an event that isn’t on the calendar, write us & we may add it!

NEW PROMOTERS: PLEASE CONTACT US!! We would love your help to keep this site as accurate, up to date & all-inclusive as possible! We will send you further info from there, but you will be given 2 permissions: 1) updating ability to the Google Calendar, and 2) the ability to post blogs on the main page/RSS Feed.